Absolute Lumens

About Us


Manufacturer of Specialty Replacement Lamps

What are specialty lamps?  They are replacement light bulbs for stage, TV studio, entertainment touring fixtures, show, theatre, medical, and various other non-residential applications. These applications typically require specific color temperatures, compact size, high output and high color rendering lamps. Can't find a lamp you need, we may have it, or we may be able to make it.

Supporting the past, innovating the future.

We are supporting the past by making lamps that are still necessary by many and still in high use. While others are abandoning the production of traditional products, we continue to make them and support our client's existing needs. We are constantly adding legacy products to our list. However, while producing classic products, our engineering is focused on the replacements of the future. LED may not be the answer for everything, but as the technology progresses, new possibilities arise. Absolute Lumens researches and uses the most advanced devices when creating and innovating for the future of replacement lamps.


Multi-step Quality Control

Our factories are geared to quickly evaluate, engineer, build and test many replacement lamps.  Our agility and flexibility allow us to efficiently set up both small and larger production runs in as little as two to three weeks. Making our turnaround times quite fast.